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Wings e-Tax Solutions Private Limited

In 2004, when TDS compliance was being introduced, Wings e-Business Services (WEBS) was established by Mr.Pradeep K, for providing comprehensive solutions for all types of Tax compliances. By providing quality service in a professional manner, WEBS had acquired numerous prestigious clients. By joining hands with experienced and qualified entrepreneurs, "M/S WINGS E-TAX SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED (Wings)" was established in the year of 2012 to provide exclusive & dedicated service mainly for Income tax-TDS Compliance aspects.Wings, as a corporate entity, engaged in the business of providing efficient & quality service with professionalism in the field of TDS compliance.


To assist deductors in complying "error free" Income Tax TDS Returns, with a view to ensure due credit of TDS available to the deductees.


To facilitate & empower every TDS Deductor (TAN holder) in TDS compliance using technologies developed by Wings.

       SERVICES Offered by WINGS

               ♦ Filing of TDS and TCS returns

               ♦ Reconciliation of TDS with TRACES

               ♦ Revision Process with TRACES

               ♦ PAN validation (Bulk/Individual)

               ♦ Challan/LEC validation

               ♦ Departmental scrutinity of TDS compliance

               ♦ Verification of TDS Deductor information (TAN details)

               ♦ Traces TDS certificate (Form16/16A) generation & Storage

               ♦ Storage of Acknowledgement / Provisional Receipt

               ♦ MIS reports generation

               ♦ Guidance for GST process

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